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How to avoid electrical accidents

It is not secret that one of the "fatal four" for construction workers in California is electrical accidents, but sometimes it can be difficult to know how to prevent these incidents from occurring. We at the Law Office of John H. Sugden have provided these tips to help you avoid danger. If you are injured in an electrical accident, we can help you receive the compensation you deserve to fully recover and heal.

According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, many of the best ways to prevent electrocution are very simple. Being aware of the condition of your equipment is an important first step. Always be sure that the third prong is properly grounded when you are using three prong plugs. Also, ensure that any repairs to electrical equipment are made by a qualified professional. 

There is more than one cause of a ladder accident

It goes without saying that most ladder accidents involve a person falling. While some of these are more serious than others, each and every one can lead to a serious injury or even death.

As someone who works on a ladder on a regular basis, such as a construction worker, you need to know the top causes of these accidents. With this knowledge, you'll find it much easier to remain safe throughout the day.

What does workers' compensation cover?

No worker in California wants to consider what they'll have to do if they get injured on the job, but it's a reality you may unfortunately face someday. At the Law Office of John H. Sugden, we work to provide you with information that you can use in the case of being injured at work, which can help guide you through the difficult times that may follow.

First of all, workers' compensation can cover a large umbrella of incidents at the workplace, all with varying degrees of severity. Typically, people envision actual injuries occurring while on the job as being eligible for workers' compensation. For example, if you fall off of a slick walkway, trip on exposed wires, or inhale toxic chemicals, those are all accidents or scenarios in which you would be eligible to file for compensation.

How can an electrical shock injure you?

As an electrician in California, you may face unique dangers on the job. Even when working with low voltage power, the possibility of being electrocuted still exists. Electrical shocks are to blame for a large number of injuries in the industry, and some of these injuries may surprise you.

Medline Plus highlights the fact that electric injuries can be particularly dangerous because of the lack of outward signs that something is wrong. Depending on the duration and intensity of the shock, your skin may be burned at points of contact, but it can otherwise be difficult for other people to identify what has harmed you. This can be dangerous, considering electric shock can cause you to go into cardiac arrest, have seizures, or lose consciousness.

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI benefits?

Should you live in California and need to apply for disability benefits through the U.S. Social Security Administration, it is important to understand the two main types of disability benefit programs and how they differ. Because the acronyms used to refer to the two programs, one of which is Social Security Disability Insurance, and the other, Supplemental Security Income, are so similar, many people often confuse them.

Per Disability Benefits Help, there are some important differences between the two disability benefits programs as far as eligibility requirements, for example. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with these important distinctions should help you determine what type of benefits might be right for you.

Employees should follow these workplace safety tips

As an employee, there are things you can do to improve your overall level of safety. Just the same, you should expect your employer to take steps to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Before we go any further, here's something you should remember: Even if you follow every workplace safety tip, there is still a chance that you could be injured in an accident.

4 causes of fatal accidents in construction work zones

Work zones are found on California roads year-round. However, despite how common they are, drivers still fail to recognize their responsibilities when they are driving through one of these work zones. And even drivers who do know what they should be doing in these areas sometimes fail to take seriously their duties to drive safely.

Too often, this leads to a catastrophic accident involving a construction worker. In fact, according to statistics, vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work zone worker fatalities across the country. Even if a worker is not hit by a car, he or she can still suffer fatal injuries as a result of other hazardous conditions in a work zone, which we examine below.

What benefits can injured workers in California receive?

You work hard for your paycheck, whether you're a skilled trade worker, like a plumber or electrician, an agricultural worker or a secretary. Each of these jobs can lead to serious injuries, including injuries from accidents, repetitive stress injuries or even a work-related illness.

Anyone can accidentally slip in a wet spot at work, sustaining a head injury or broken bone in the process. It's also very easy for the daily grind of work to take a physical toll on your body. Whether it's carpal tunnel from typing or a back injury from lifting (or sitting) all day, work injuries happen.

The seriousness of a repetitive motion injury

Many people think of a workplace injury as something that happens in an instant. For example, a slip-and-fall accident that leads to a concussion or broken leg.

While any workplace injury can be serious, it's important to realize that some of these happen over time. These are known as repetitive motion injuries.

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